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Digital Branding Concepts was created to explore how brands use digital platforms to market themselves and connect with their customers.

We are truly living in a digital age and communication styles have shifted so much that the new rules of engagement are being written as we go along.

What are the best practices for connecting with consumers in the digital age? Which techniques are being used to market to consumers? Why are certain products more successful than others? Why are certain brands more appealing than others? Which methods are used to successfully market a band or celebrity? We will explore these questions together.

Digital Branding Concepts will present:

  • Case studies and examples of real world marketing techniques used by real brands
  • Best examples of digital marketing
  • Marketing psychology tips and tricks
  • Q & A’s with marketing and branding experts
  • Marketing and branding challenges
  • Podcast interviews with established personal brands

About the Creator of Digital Branding Concepts

Te-Erika Patterson

Te-Erika Patterson

I am Te-Erika Patterson, a multimedia journalist and Digital Branding & Marketing Consultant in Los Angeles. My writing has appeared in The Atlantic, Forbes.Com, Entrepreneur.Com, The Huffington Post, The Miami Herald, The Griot and many more publications.

As a journalist, I use my ability to recognize a newsworthy story to help clients create newsworthy publicity strategies and branding concepts.

For more than 10 years I have established a strong web presence using every medium imaginable during the early cultivation of its existence. Marketing psychology, business development, mental health and women’s empowerment are all major components of my digital presence as I use my voice to share messages of hope and mental clarity. I am the creator of 5 different blogs, 2 Youtube channels, a podcast, 4 ebooks and 1 print book. I have branded my voice across (nearly) every available social media platform.

As a Digital Branding & Marketing Consultant, my goal is to help you establish your brand as an authority in your field by helping you to create a distinct brand identity and then teaching you how to use the tech tools we have been given to add credibility to your overall web presence.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to me with tips, suggestions or questions you would like to see addressed on this platform.

I appreciate your attention. Come back and grow with me!

All My Best Wishes!


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